Heal My Head Sea Foam Vinyl LP


Thanks for buying this vinyl. When it originally came in, we noticed that the vinyl plant had accidentally inserted the inner sleeve incorrectly inside the jacket, meaning the clock was originally facing the wrong direction. The folks at Merch Now kindly helped us solve the problem by opening them all, shifting the inner sleeve to the correct direction, and putting this new cover over them all. We just wanted to explain since this packaging is different from what you usually see from us. 

Thanks again, and enjoy Heal My Head.

Heal My Head Sea Foam Vinyl LP - Limited to 1000!

Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on release date)
Instant track "The Numbers" (sent via email at time of purchase)

Track List:
The Numbers
Heal My Head
Vampire Smile
Your Favorite Jacket
Back and Forth
Warning Signs
The Days

Album release date is June 3rd 2022
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