Further Seems Forever - How To Start A Fire Spirit Flame Vinyl


Celebrating twenty years since its explosive release, Tooth & Nail Records is proud to present a deluxe edition reissue of Further Seems Forever’s sophomore effort How to Start A Fire on remastered, gatefold, single LP colored vinyl.

Following their enormous debut The Moon is Down, Further Seems Forever brought on a new, charismatic, powerhouse of a vocalist in Jason Gleason, and their momentum only picked up, making How to Start a Fire their most successful release in the band’s history. To bring this fresh album to fresh ears, this deluxe edition brings you:

  • Three Vinyl Variants (500 copies per colorway) out of 1500 Copies total.
  • Premium Gatefold Vinyl Packaging, with direct input and supervision from the band, every step of the way.
  • Fully-restored, original painted artwork (presented with no graphic interruptions) by famed illustrator Dave Rakin (Zao), featuring a full retrospective essay detailing the creation of the artwork.
  • A removable, wrap-around, gatefold belly band strip, to show all album logos and titles, separate from the cover painting.
  • A detailed, retrospective essay from Jason Gleason, detailing his “life-changing, early 00’s run with the band.”
  • All songs completely remastered-for-vinyl by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios, supervised by Jason Gleason.
  • Artwork restoration and compiling of all the goodies by Dave Rankin, Bruno Santinho and Jason Zeimet at Unoriginal Vinyl.

Track Listing:

  1. How to Start a Fire (Side A)
  2. The Sound (Side A)
  3. A Blank Page Empire (Side A)
  4. Against My Better Judgement (Side A)
  5. I Am (Side A)
  6. Pride War (Side B)
  7. On Legendary (Side B)
  8. Insincerity as an Art Form (Side B)
  9. The Deep (Side B)
  10. Aurora Borealis (In Long Form) (Side B)